Sunday Akinya Van 't Kortewoud (NL)

Calling Name: Sunday

Date of Birth: 22 November 2015

Dermoid Sinus free

Pedigree: Pedigree Database

Sunday is a daughter of Nua and Indie and so she is born with us. When our breeding plans finally seemed to be succesful with Indie and Nua, we were hoping for a beautiful black girl to keep and continue breeding with. When Sinday came out she clearly had been struggling. She was preceded by a wave of green amniotic fluid. When she was out she did not start breathing immediately, we had to rub her ourselves before she took that first breath. But when she did, she did it well and did not have any difficulty in starting her life. She ate, slept and grew like all het brothers and sisters and we did not have to take special care of her.

Sunday is an energetic girl; greetings when you come home are wild! Playing goes full on and her impulses to hunt and tell other dogs what she thinks are equally all in. Sunday by her nature is a bit more reserved at the start with people she does not know, but she is getting better now she is getting a bit more mature. It is as with everything about her; when she startles, she does it with energy for 2 dogsā€¦ Sunday is a real lap dog! She loves to sit in your lap after dinner, hang against you as long as you allow it. She is such a sweet girl, we are very happy with her.